Automatically import your Centris data to WordPress


“Automatically Import Your Centris Data to WordPress” is a WordPress plugin specifically designed for real estate agents in Quebec. It streamlines listing properties by automating data import from Centris to the agent’s WordPress site. Centris, a comprehensive database of real estate listings, is a valuable resource for agents, but transferring data manually can be time-consuming and error-prone. Our plugin makes this process effortless and accurate.

The Problem

Real estate agents must often copy property data from Centris manually and add it to their websites. This task can be tedious and prone to human error, with agents having to spend considerable time ensuring that every detail is correct. Any mistakes can lead to miscommunication with prospective clients and a loss of opportunities.

How It Solves the Issue

Our plugin automates importing property data from Centris to a WordPress site. It extracts data directly from the Centris CSV files and imports it into the WordPress database, formatting the information to match the design and structure of the agent’s website. This automation minimizes the risk of errors and frees up the agents’ time, allowing them to focus on their core activities, such as property tours, client meetings, and sales.

Why Work with Us

Choosing our plugin provides a reliable, automatic solution to a standard, time-consuming task. Our dedicated team has designed this plugin with a deep understanding of the real estate industry’s specific needs, making it an essential tool for every real estate agent who wishes to streamline their work process.


The “Automatically Import Your Centris Data to WordPress” plugin offers:

  1. Automated Data Import: Automatically extract data from Centris CSV files and import it into your WordPress database.
  2. Formatted Output: The plugin formats the imported data to match your website’s design and structure.
  3. Error Minimization: The plugin minimizes the risk of manual data entry errors by automating the process.
  4. Time-Saving: Save valuable time by eliminating the need for manual data copying and pasting.

Steps to Use the Plugin

Using the plugin is straightforward:

  1. Install and activate the plugin on your WordPress site.
  2. Access the plugin settings to enter your Centris credentials.
  3. Define how and where you want the data to appear on your site.
  4. The plugin will automatically import new data from Centris at regular intervals defined by you.

Other Relevant Information

The plugin requires an active Centris account with the appropriate access to the Centris database. It is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and works best with a modern, well-coded theme.

In summary, the “Automatically Import Your Centris Data to WordPress” plugin is a powerful tool that every Quebec real estate agent will find invaluable for their business. It ensures accurate property listings, saves time, and allows agents to focus on what they do best: selling properties.

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    16 Mai 2021
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