PSW: Multistep Form with Google Autocomplete for WordPress


The “PSW: Multistep Form with Google Autocomplete for WordPress” plugin is a comprehensive solution that empowers users to incorporate an interactive, four-step form into their websites. Leveraging the Google Places API, this plugin gathers user information intuitively, step-by-step. It enriches the user experience with intelligent address suggestions and a dynamic map display.

How It Works

This plugin is designed to facilitate the collection of user information across four systematic steps:

  1. User Address (Step 1): This initial step uses the Google Places API to capture user address input. As users begin to type, they are presented with intelligent address suggestions based on their information, ensuring accuracy and ease of use.
  2. User Contact Information (Step 2): Users provide their contact details here. Simultaneously, a map on the left displays the address provided in the first step, visually confirming the location.
  3. Additional Information (Step 3): In the third step, users are prompted to provide any additional information required.
  4. Data Validation (Step 4): The final step involves validating the information provided. This ensures that all collected data is correct before submission.

Administrators can access settings on the backend to add the Google API key, update text, and make initial settings adjustments per their needs.


The “PSW: Multistep Form with Google Autocomplete for WordPress” plugin boasts an array of features:

  1. Google Places API Integration: This integration allows for smart address suggestions, ensuring user input accuracy.
  2. Dynamic Map Display: Users get a visual confirmation of their address through a map display updated in real-time.
  3. Multistep Form: The form is structured into four straightforward steps, improving usability and ensuring systematic data collection.
  4. Data Validation: The final step of the form involves data validation to confirm the accuracy of information before submission.
  5. Backend Customization: Administrators can update texts, add the Google API key, and adjust initial settings.

Why Use the PSW: Multistep Form with Google Autocomplete for WordPress

This plugin offers an innovative way to gather user data while enhancing user experience. The plugin creates a more engaging and intuitive form completion process by providing Google’s smart address suggestions and a dynamic map display. It’s an excellent tool for any WordPress website seeking to make form submissions more systematic, user-friendly, and interactive.

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    16 February 2021
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    WordPress 5.7.x,
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